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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

November 2013
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Christmas Picture, Trail Running Camp, and Oops




What do you think of our 2014 Christmas picture?  Honestly this is one of the best family pictures we’ve ever taken.

I am hip deep in Trail Running Camp details today.  I cannot believe it’s this weekend.  (Ahhhhhhhhh!)  Ruby and I will head out to Camp Eagle early Thursday morning and then Eliot and Asa will join us Friday night.  I have somewhere between 8 and 9 billion loose ends to tie up between now and then. (Ahhhhhhhh!) I keep reminding myself that we’re just going out there to run — and that everyone coming likes to run — but it’s not helping with the panicky feeling and my desire to eat large amounts of tortilla chips.

cutepic (Do not stare directly at the Cuteness!)

And perhaps I should be worried if Friday’s goings-on are any indication of my ability to manage things.

Friday’s Goings-On: My parents left on Thursday morning, and Eliot took Friday off.  So I arranged to go for a two-hour run with my friend R. since Eliot was home to watch Ruby.  Halfway to the run, I realized it was Friday — and that Asa had should be going to school — in the car I was driving.  I called Eliot who had gone back to bed when I left the house.  No answer.  I briefly considered canceling the run, but decided one tardy wasn’t going to ruin Asa’s academic career.  Eliot remembered it was Friday a short time later and walked Asa to school with Ruby in a sling. We laughed about it when I got home, and then got ready to take Ruby to the hospital for her PKU screening.  Her appointment was at noon, which gave us plenty of time to get back to Asa’s school to pick him up when school let out at 2:30.  Except that it was an early release day — and school let out at 12:30.  Doh!  Poor kid.  We took him straight to Toys R US when we picked him up, to try to supplant his “my-parents-forgot-about-me” memories with remote-control-helicopter buying memories.  Did I mention that Friday was also “Dress Up Like Your Favorite Story Book Character Day?”  Yeah, forgot about that too.  Apparently Eliot and I are a bit tired.

So as I was saying about the Trail Running Camp.  Ahhhhhh!!!


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