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Marvelous and gorgeous things and heat stroke first aid

My blog and e-mail buddy Gene sent me this marvelous Wisconsin roadside rodent picture today.



And then my friends Kat and Olivia brought this gorgeous diaper cake over.


diapercake(That’s me and my grandmother making gnocchi in the picture in the background.)

It was a very fine day.  I’m still shuffling around like a 97 year-old with the back pain — but I’m a very chipper 97 year-old thanks to my friends.

And here’s an article I wrote for David Hanenburg at Endurance Buzz about heat stroke first aid for trail runners.  Hope it’s useless information for you.  :)  Let me know if there’s a particular trail running first aid topic you’d like me to address for Endurance Buzz.  Ticks were suggested, but they kind of give me the willies.



One thought on “Marvelous and gorgeous things and heat stroke first aid

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh! I make loads of heat and dump it grudgingly. Hate running in over 65° and live outside of Austin. Advice?

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