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Best Race Report EVER

This is my friend (and coach-ee’s) race report from Rocky Raccoon. I’m going to ask her to write all my  race reports in the future.


Love the beetle.

All is well here.  The coaching, training, and mom-ing have gotten in the way of the blogging, — but I hope to shove some reflection into the days again very soon.


5 thoughts on “Best Race Report EVER

  1. Paul says:

    That is truly inspiring! I might have to brush off my poor artistic skills for my next race report. Thanks for sharing! (Even though the last panel is mile 90, should we assume she did finish??)

    • Liza Howard says:

      She finished her first hundred in high style. I need to take some lessons from her in tolerance for adversity and uncertainty. :)

  2. seblackford says:

    I really might have to borrow the Mile 90 panel for my report … except the root will say “ha ha ha I broke your finger, now I am the AWESOME one!”

  3. Gene Taylor says:

    Got to be the most creative report I’ve seen. Congrats on your student’s success.

  4. Kristin says:

    Very inspiring and motivative post! I enjoy reading sports-related stories, because they are all about challenges, struggling, losing, winning and real friendship. I have found very informative resource for athletes – They write about so many things which might help athletes get stronger and achieve higher results.

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