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Surprise donuts and draft resolutions

I just got back from throwing Eliot a semi-surprise birthday party.  It was supposed to be an full surprise party, but I got sick last night and woke up at 7 this morning with all the delicious non-Whole30 blueberry party muffins still in flour, egg, milk, butter, sugar, and blueberry form.  I am a quick thinker in these kind of muffin-level emergencies though, and I managed to convince Eliot I should drive him to work and we should stop by Krispy Kreme along the way — as a surprise for his students.  “Convice” is wrong word really.  Eliot basically acquiesed to the donut trip after trying to say no — when my voice took on an hysterical tone.  I’d arranged for all his students to hide in his office to surprise him and you don’t show up without food when 18-20 year olds get up at 7 to hide in their boss’s office — in a tent.  “But Eliot, it’ll be great.  We really need to do this honey.  Really.”

The “Hot Donuts Now” sign was flashing when we drove up to the Krispy Kreme and we were able to witness the whole donut-river-of-glaze spectacle.  I’ve gotta say Krispy Kreme is a pretty cheerful place at 8 in the morning.  The parking lot is dangerous with cars speeding in like moths to the hot donut light, but everybody is happy and smiling inside.  I didn’t eat any donuts — not even when the Krispy Kreme guy offered me a free one (apparently they do this when the donuts are coming off the donut conveyor belts) — but it was enjoyable just being surrounded by them and the coffee.

So we bought two dozen glazed donuts and a box of coffee and headed to Eliot’s office.  His students sprang out of the tent and threw paper snowballs at him when he opened the door to his office. (It’s going to be 80 degrees again here today, so wadded up paper is as close as anyone’s getting to a snowball.)  It was a fine start to Eliot’s birthday week.   I think I’ve told you how his birthday is on the 24th and about his long history of dual birthday/Christmas presents?  Did I tell you about how his mom and dad tried to celebrate his birthday in March for a while — on his conception day?  !!!!  That lasted until Eliot was about 8 and understood the word conception.  Anyway, tomorrow’s celebration is going to have to involve muffins because I’ve got the fixings for 48 and they won’t keep over the holidays.

Happy Birthday Donut Singing

We head up to New Hampshire by way of DC tomorrow evening.  It looks like it’ll be 26 degrees and snowing when we arrive — so I’ve got to put a little time and thought into the packing — which I should really get started on now.  Right after a run, a core workout, a trip to the post office, karate, and a salted avacado.  And a little more coffee.

Running: 92 miles last week.  (It wasn’t fast — especially towards the end of the week — but it feels good to have some endurance again.  One or two more big runs this week and then I’ll taper for Bandera.)

2013 New Year’s Resolution Draft:  (Just ideas right now and in no order of importance.)

1.  Race a month.  (I don’t like racing, so this will be a good exercise for me.  Right now all that’s set on the schedule is Bandera in January and 3 Days of Syllamo in March.  I’ll toss a marathon in along the way — maybe two.  And I’ll sign up for Badwater if I can raise the crazy $995 entrance fee.)

2.  Whole30 (or something close) all year — My energy really is more consistent throughout the day.  I don’t like the higher grocery bills and I’m still not sold on “no corn and no potatoes” or how juice gets a pass in their rules.  But it’s been a good handrail and really increased my vegetable eating…

3.  Invite people over for Sunday dinners.  Non Whole30 Menu: Pasta and Italian Sausage, Eliot Baked Italian Bread, Salad, Green Beans, Wine.  Send me your availability.  :)

4.  Something about marriage

5. Something about friendship

6. Something about writing letters

7. Something with coaching well

8. Something about meditation

9. Something about Asa

10. Something about compassion

11. Something about religion

12.  Something about budgeting

13.  (13 resolutions for 2013)  Maintain weight all year within two pounds.  (My weight has always fluctuated a lot and I’d like to make sure it doesn’t this year.)

PS.  I got Eliot one of those booklets that have ads and info from the year you were born.  NYC marathon cost $1 to enter in 1970.

10 thoughts on “Surprise donuts and draft resolutions

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    My Mother has the Dec 24th birthday curse as well. I feel for her each year as I send separate birthday and christmas cards and an “inclusive” gift.

    Nice resolution draft; I never could get into those. Have a great holiday!


    • Liza Howard says:

      Thanks Gene! You too. We’re all packed into the back of my parents’ car right now in New Jersey headed north. Gonna be a brisk run tonight!

  2. Jeff says:

    You know, “convice” really IS a wrong word!

  3. Stefan says:

    Great list, will definitely borrow some of those, not the race a month one though. Who is the guy in the suit?

    • Liza Howard says:

      Eliot had to be an usher at graduation. The suit probably won’t see the light of day again until next graduation — unless someone dies before then. Wonderful to see you on the plane!

  4. Olga King says:

    You know, that Whole30, even though I had broken it at day 27 (but I did keep close to it afterwards) saved me with all the puking on the last 50. I am convinced that’s why I didn’t feel energy lag – I was using my (abundance of) fat for energy! So, yeah, Whole 365 sounds like a plan. Please, put me on a dinner list! And yes on the race a month – I used it 10 out of 13 years and those were best years:) Let me know about numbers 4-13 when you formulate them!

    • Liza Howard says:

      I will start doing infomercials for Whole30 if I don’t puke during Bandera. And be on the lookout for that dinner invite. :). Eliot, Asa & I are packed in the back of my parents’ car for the next nine hours so I’ll have time to flesh out the resolutions.

  5. Kerry Lemon says:

    I am always inspired by you and your resolutio!s. When do you all return from your trip to New Hampshire? Sounds like a great time. Hope we get to see you early in 2013. Maya has the Dec. 21st birthday curse so we are celebrating at our house tomorrow night. New world paradigm shifts is the theme
    Love from Kerry, Jim, Forest, and Maya
    Happy Holidays.

    • Liza Howard says:

      Hi Kerry! It’s so good to hear from you! We get back late on the 27th. Glad the world didn’t end on Maya’s birthday. Please give her a big hug from me and Eliot & Asa.

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