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VERY Important in Saint Louis

“The passenger that left something VERY  important to them in the men’s restroom, please come to the information booth on the lower level.”

That’s the announcement that played three times over the PA system at the Saint Louis airport yesterday.  We were there for three hours trying to get to DC.  I was hard pressed not to leave Asa and Eliot and our 90 pounds of carry-on luggage and head down the information booth.  The tone of the woman on the intercom hinted it was not a simple wallet or a cell phone that the guy left behind.  What other kind of VERY important things does one leave in a public restroom?  Somebody left a CPAP machine at security earlier during our layover.  But intercom lady said “the CPAP machine that was left behind” then.  Sadly we had to board before I could find out.  I’m sorry I failed you loyal readers.
Really we were very lucky to board when we did.  The airport was shut down after we left because it was too windy to safely put the deicer guys out on the deicers.
Some guy behind me told the lady next to him that the pilot was earning his money during our flight.  Indeed.  I was very happy to use my free drink ticket on a can of beer when the air calmed towards DC and the flight attendants were finally allowed to get up.  Asa was nonplussed as he was jostled around.
In any event we are all happily ensconced in my patents home today.  Battling dragons in our new suits of armor.

4 thoughts on “VERY Important in Saint Louis

  1. Jake says:

    (From the Houston airport) good thing they had that whole 30 beer on your flight. Hahaha.
    Happy holidays. Love, J’erin

  2. Thomas says:

    I love the battling expression on Asa’s face – that is my Speedgoat face!

    • Liza Howard says:

      That is also his “I’ve-been-in-this-car-seat-for-6-hours-now” face. :). I hope you have a picture of your Speedgoat face.

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