Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Sardines Headed North

Asa, Eliot and I are packed into the back of my parents’ car like sardines headed up to New Hampshire.  We’re somewhere in Connecticut, maybe about two hours from my cousin’s house.  So far we’ve made our way through most of the first Harry Potter book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, a recording of The […]

22 Dec
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VERY Important in Saint Louis

“The passenger that left something VERY  important to them in the men’s restroom, please come to the information booth on the lower level.” That’s the announcement that played three times over the PA system at the Saint Louis airport yesterday.  We were there for three hours trying to get to DC.  I was hard pressed […]

21 Dec
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Surprise donuts and draft resolutions

I just got back from throwing Eliot a semi-surprise birthday party.  It was supposed to be an full surprise party, but I got sick last night and woke up at 7 this morning with all the delicious non-Whole30 blueberry party muffins still in flour, egg, milk, butter, sugar, and blueberry form.  I am a quick […]

19 Dec
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Leaves in hot water

I’m about to get off my bottom and head out the door for 15 miles.  In just one more cup of coffee.  Or two.  I read something persuasive about the benefits of green tea yesterday, and feeling Whole30 fragile, I broke down and bought some.  I hate green tea, but I forget that every six […]

13 Dec
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Happy morning

Eliot built a fire in the fireplace this morning and now he’s baking bread for breakfast.  Stellar husband:  Check. I piled on the miles over the past four days and I’m looking forward to something short and fast today — and then working through a pile of bills.  Boo. Did I tell you we’re headed […]

12 Dec
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