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Merry Thanksgiving

My neighbors have their Christmas tree up.  I saw its red and green lights shining from their front window as I herded dust bunnies around the living room last night.  I don’t know these across the street neighbors, so I’m going to have to guess that one of them works in retail.  Because WHY ELSE WOULD YOU PUT UP YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE BEFORE THANKSGIVING?!?  I mean honestly, there are rules about these things.  Crazy on-top-of-everything-and-always-put-together people get to put up their trees as soon as they’ve washed their Thanksgiving dinner dishes.  And not before.  My former mother in-law is a wonderful woman and one of these incredibly organized,  crazy on-top-of-everything-and-always-put-together people and she never decorated the tree before Thanksgiving.  Never.  Sure all the decorations were down from the attic and out of their storage boxes and the strings of lights were all untangled and neatly laid out on side tables– and the Christmas cards were already written and stamped for posting.  But Christmas decorating did not start until after Thanksgiving.  The pilgrim ceramic salt and pepper shakers must never lay eyes on ceramic Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers.  Never.  And it’s not like we’re living somewhere with particularly Christmasy weather.  It’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny today.  I feel like I should send the neighbors a polite note about their transgression — or throw a brick through their window.  (And this post is not just sour grapes because I haven’t gone shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner.)  Without these kind of rules, society crumbles.  Crumbles.

Don’t make me whip out my Karate Kid skills.  (Was kind of hoping Meghan lost this photo from the camp.)

Also, I’ll be running 10 miles today and doing a fine speed workout.

And also, Brian and Matt have convinced me to do this Whole30 thing.  I am sad and craving M&Ms.


21 thoughts on “Merry Thanksgiving

  1. Tim Smith says:

    Too early for me to read this! Halfway through, I was daydreaming about Christmas decorations battling Thanksgiving decorations to the death each time we walk out of our homes.

    “Where did that damn salt shaker go?! I have to stop losing these.”

  2. EFREED says:

    Ooh salt shakers! I have a salt shaker PROBLEM!

  3. Guilty as charged. Used to be of the same mindset. In fact I have been every year except this year. I asked the kids on Saturday what they wanted to do for the day and they thought putting the tree up was a brilliant idea. I caved.

    • Liza Howard says:

      Well, happy, excited children are a good excuse (read more in: “Liza’s Arbitrary Holiday Etiquette for Scrooges.”) I almost bought tiny colorful gourds for the table this year because Asa was taken with them.

  4. Olga King says:

    You Whole 30??? Holly cow! And totally agree with you on the tree policy – in fact, I think you don’t whip it up until the kids go on a winter break!

    • Liza Howard says:

      You wrote Holy Cow! because you saw what I was snarfing down every time I passed through Equestrian at Cactus Rose? Yup, it’s Brian and Matt’s fault — and yours too. Why don’t I have any friends who want to try one of those donut and coffee diets. Expect emails containing pictures of lattes and frowny faces.

  5. Jjangler says:

    Wax on wax off! Asa knows how! He can dirty the neighbor’s windows and dirty them! They have much to learn grasshopper!

  6. John says:

    Hey! Don’t be disparaging those of us in retail. I can assure you that us shopkeepers despise the whole decorating early stuff. If it wasn’t for my family there’d be no decorations at all. And don’t get me started on the Christmas music! Ugh! Can you imagine listening to it twelve hours a day for three months?

    Okay, I’ll climb down from my soapbox. Hmmm, I wonder where that tree angel is?

    • Liza Howard says:

      Well, who do I get to blame then? I’ve got a pile of bricks ready. (OK, actually I’ve got some wooden blocks and a nerf machine gun.)
      I am sorry about the music.

  7. Tony says:

    Veronica and I can’t ride together in the car these days. We are wearing out the radio buttons in the car. She chooses Christmas music, I change it to Rock, she changes it to Christmas music, I change it to Oldies, she changes it to Christmas music, I …………
    Heck, we haven’t even pulled out the decorative ceramic turkey!

    • Liza Howard says:

      That’s pretty great Tony. I’ve missed most of the Christmas music torture because we don’t listen to the radio in the car much since it inspires Asa to ask for “children’s music.”

  8. Matt Hart says:

    Rule of thumb: Always ~ brick before note.
    Excited to hear how you feel after the Whole30! Let me know if you have any questions on it. First week is tough, but by the end of the second you feel amazing… I’m starting another round the day after my Turkey coma.

    • Liza Howard says:

      Brick, then note. Got it.
      And you can be expecting texts with pictures of food I’m sad about not eating — mostly lattes — and at least five frowny faces. :(
      Actually I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. :)
      I need to go on a emoticon elimination writing plan.

  9. catherine says:

    hahaha you make me laugh!

  10. Paige says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Liza!! :)

  11. Jazzy says:

    Amen Sister!!…my tree went up after turkey went down(so to speak) earlier, that’s our tradition :o)

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