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Ultrarunning Mom

Black Friday running

I’m up at 3:30am for some Black Friday running out at Bandera.  The tryptophan and a great run out at Government Canyon had me in bed before your grandmother last night.  So I’m feeling ready for some deer dodging on the drive out to Bandera and some good miles once I get there.

This is what I found in the backyard when I got home from a 13 mile run yesterday.

Eliot + old rope from a ship = Backyard Adventure.

The swinging action is pretty incredible.

I’m running 30 miles today, so there’s no telling what might be back there when I get back.  Zip line from the roof out to the car?

Will keep you updated.  And, of course, you’re invited over to play anytime.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

PS.  The run really was good yesterday.  Whole30 craziness?  Just the lack of beer?  Or Trail Running Camp glow?


2 thoughts on “Black Friday running

  1. Jazzy says:

    Adventures at the Howard’s…looks like fun

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