Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Bandera update

Bandera on Sunday.

Choose your race outfit for the 12th accordingly.  :)

And here’s a blatant look-how-cute-my-kid-is one for you.

And then this was in the supermarket parking lot yesterday.

Need a closer look?

Why pay retail indeed.

More on my Whole30 craziness shortly.  Did I tell you Eliot’s doing it too?  I didn’t take a picture of his long-suffering-husband face when he agreed, which is unfortunate.  It was classic.

  • Brian (aka “Doug”)

    You’re entering week #2. It should get easier from here :)

  • Doise Chew Miers

    Asa runs through the sotol like I do, hands in the air so they don’t also get cuts.