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Wax on! and guilty pleasures

Eliot and I are watching the original “Karate Kid” movie now.  I don’t think I’ve seen it in a good  15-2o years.  (Is that possible?)  It’s 80s porn.  “Look eye!  Always look eye!”

My folks left a lot of old movies behind when they returned to DC.

Casablanca.  Maltese Falcon.  Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.   Karate Kid…

I sat in front of the computer working on the Trail Running Camp for six hours today.  (“Concentrate!  Focus power!” )  And  I got news we might have someone special coming to give one of the talks.  Super special.  More details as soon as things are confirmed. I really do hope some of you who are reading this can come.  It seems like a wonderful time to finally meet.  :)

“And remember!…. Lesson not only karate only.  Lesson for all life.  All life have a balance!”





6 thoughts on “Wax on! and guilty pleasures

  1. Pommers says:

    And you’ve already got Marshall???? How much more special can you get? Sounds like a great camp! Damn – Used up all my holiday already!

    • Pommers says:

      P.s. I’ve not watched the Karate Kid for ages either – will have to dig it out for the kids from the bargain bucket at the local store! Do we get a Casablanca-esque post tomorrow? :-)

    • Liza Howard says:

      Sunny Blende (nutritionist) and David Riddle round out the pack. And I know! there are plenty of RV hookups there too.

  2. Frank says:

    When is your next trip out to DMV? Facebook me when you come, so we can meet up for a run…

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