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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

September 2012
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Reentry and trail running camp list of wonderful


I just crawled out from under a “To Do” list that clobbered me when I got back from Washington State.  (I tried to fend it off with one of Asa’s light sabers, but it cut off my hand and sat on me.)

So have you signed up for the trail running camp on November 9-11th yet?  That’s what I’ve been working on since I stepped off the glacier.

I call it: “Butt Glissading En Echelon: I love my job.”)

Today kicks of my personal media blitz for the running camp.  Apologies to my FB friends and Twitter folks.  (And, hello, why haven’t you signed up yet?)  The goal is to host 50% vets and 50% non-vets.  Gonna be awesome.  60-ish not-vet spots left.

Here are some of the wonderful people who are coming to help out:  (in no particular order):

Marshall Ulrich (Yeah, you heard me right.)

Mike Morton

Pam Smith

Megan Kimmel

Matt Hart

Jay Danek

Dominic Grossman

Katie DeSplinter

David Hanenburg

Alison Bryant

Joe Prusaitis

Zach Bitters

Jason Bryant

Dave James

Me (I will be giving a special clinic on vomiting.)

Here is some of Pam’s bio.  I’ll be posting bios daily now.

I’ll be publishing the schedule later today.  And, of course, the whole thing is super family friendly.  Eliot will be out of town and I’ll have Asa, so I’ve arranged for sitters and zip lines.  🙂







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    I would have been tickled to attend the camp, but the san antonio marathon is on 11/11…tears!!!!it sounds like the perfect weekend!!!have fun…