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Roses, thorns, glitter and unexpected generosity

One of the best parts of walking Asa to school in the morning (besides collecting trash and trimming the weeds with the a pair of kitchen scissors) is seeing the other kindergarteners walking around with thier enormous backpacks.  Most of the kids could easily fit inside their school luggage.

I force Asa to tell me his “rose” and “thorn” for the school day on the walk home. So far, four days in, all roses and thorns have involved his preschool crush, A.  “My rose was when I saw A. at recess.”  “My thorn was when she didn’t see me on the playground.”  Yesterday there were two thorns when she didn’t see him on the playground or at the end of the day.  I wish you could have seen Asa’s face when he saw A. on the first day of school in her glittery Hello Kitty ensemble.  The words in the bubble above his head read something to the effect of: ” I have never known such beauty before now.”

I have arranged a play date for the two of them tomorrow afternoon and I Can’t Wait.  Stories to come.

Also, Lifetime Fitness just donated a pile of free passes for the folks and their families participating in the camp.  Very impressed. Thanks Lifetime!

4 thoughts on “Roses, thorns, glitter and unexpected generosity

  1. erin earle says:

    i’m stealing the rose/thorn thing. thinking 11 yr old boys might have some pretty hilarious (but maybe not as adorable) stories! yay for cute little boys :)

  2. Pommers says:

    We get those sorts of comments occasionally as well – from the boys as well as Savannah! Priceless.
    A belated congratulations on the great time at Leaville as well – have only just got back online – the wireless in the RV parks on our journey was patchy!

    • Liza Howard says:

      Thanks! Really enjoying reading your RV travel stories. Hope you get to see Red Rocks right outside of Vegas before you leave town.

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