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School and Running Camp Preview

I’m working with Joe Prusaitis and Alison and Jason Bryant and Team Red, White & Blue to put on a trail running camp over Veteran’s Day weekend up at Camp Eagle (where Joe’s Nueces race and the USATF 50 mile championships are held.)  Here’s a video of the tri camp RWB put on last April in Austin.  Ours will have a similar mission, but also include as many of you as we can fit.  I’m still working on the dang flyer.  The first day of kindergarten slowed me down.

I’ll have all the info up tonight if it kills me.  (Where is an unpaid intern when you need one?!?)

Um, and just like the tri camp, there will be some fancy ultra runners and trail veterans here.    And it’s the same weekend as Camp Eagle’s Family Camp.  Zip line anyone?  More tomorrow.

PS.  The 1010s handled 13 rocky miles at Government Canyon beautifully.  I’ll take them to Bandera for some senior level testing as soon as I’m not actually sore from Leadville anymore.

  • Alison

    That picture is absolutely precious! So is Asa fluent yet? :)

    • Liza Howard

      He said “amarillo” without prompting this morning. That’s at least half way to fluent, right?

  • mer

    That’s awesome on the camp! Our friend, and Paul’s pacer, Derick was one of the leaders of the Austin camp and it was cool to see him in the video!!

    • Liza Howard


  • Tom

    Great video!

    • Liza Howard

      They’re going to make a video at the trail running camp too. Shine your shoes.