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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

August 2012
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Insurance, Austin and fancy runners


I would have blogged yesterday, but I was having too much fun perusing the “Parents Information Regarding NISD 2012-2013 Voluntary Student Accident Coverage and Enrollment Application” that came home with Asa from kindergarten yesterday.

The policy does not cover “auto-eroticism…while sane or insane”  — for your 5 year-old.  Also, accidents that occur during “Travel in any aircraft owned, leased or ‘controlled’ by the Policyholder (your kindergartner) are not covered.  And if Asa was to get hurt bungee jumping or hang gliding — well, we’d have to pay.  Racing rocket-powered, jet propelled or nuclear-powered vehicles?  Nope.  Not covered.  If Asa gets in an accident and needs his larynx repaired?  Too bad.  It doesn’t mention the esophagus, but maybe that’s harder to injure in kindergarten…

Anyway!  I drove up to Austin yesterday to talk to Joe Prusaitis about the trail running camp.  I now have three single-spaced pages of action items.  Lordy.  All the details of the trail running camp are under the RUNNING CAMP tab above.  You should come.  There are gonna be some amazing people leading the runs.  Names (for your enjoyment) coming soon.  🙂


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  • lisa
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    lisa lisa

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    Hi Liza! First, congrats on the fabulous 2nd place finish at Leadville! Amazing. I have just come back home from summer vacationing and hadn’t looked at a computer and only just found out about your success at Leadville. Second, the trail running camp sounds like so much fun! Will you be leading runs there as well?
    I should be back up to 5 miles by then!

    • Liza Howard
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      Liza Howard Liza Howard

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      Thanks so much Lisa! Sorry for the slow reply. You know how it is. 🙂
      I will be leading runs and enforcing fun. Would so much love to have you there if you could. 🙂