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Ultrarunning Mom

Roses, thorns, glitter and unexpected generosity

One of the best parts of walking Asa to school in the morning (besides collecting trash and trimming the weeds with the a pair of kitchen scissors) is seeing the other kindergarteners walking around with thier enormous backpacks.  Most of the kids could easily fit inside their school luggage. I force Asa to tell me […]

30 Aug
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Insurance, Austin and fancy runners

I would have blogged yesterday, but I was having too much fun perusing the “Parents Information Regarding NISD 2012-2013 Voluntary Student Accident Coverage and Enrollment Application” that came home with Asa from kindergarten yesterday. The policy does not cover “auto-eroticism…while sane or insane”  — for your 5 year-old.  Also, accidents that occur during “Travel in […]

29 Aug
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School and Running Camp Preview

I’m working with Joe Prusaitis and Alison and Jason Bryant and Team Red, White & Blue to put on a trail running camp over Veteran’s Day weekend up at Camp Eagle (where Joe’s Nueces race and the USATF 50 mile championships are held.)  Here’s a video of the tri camp RWB put on last April […]

27 Aug
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Odds and ends

You thought paying bills, answering emails, and looking at the bags I still have to unpack from Leadville was going to keep me from blogging? Wrong. Missing cat.  Missing grill on the front of the car.  Wilting rose bushes.  Counseling. Nope. Eliot’s working “Late Nite at the Rec” and Asa’s in bed and I’m enjoying […]

25 Aug
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Leadville 2012: I don’t even like to drive 100 miles and Vomit

SCHEDULE                   August 18,19, 20 3am                                  Get Up 4am – 9pm                     Run 9 pm – 12:40am             Run, Hike, Walk and Vomit […]

24 Aug
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