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Driving Badwater


It was cooler than usual  here in Death Valley yesterday– only 102 when we arrived– and we had fun playing unimpressed Texans. “I don’t know, I just thought it would be hotter.”  I alternated that with a panicked, “It’s just so HOT.  I can’t think!!!” A good time was had by all.  

Doug took us on a short tour of some of the course after we checked into our rooms at Furnace Creek.  I have to say I was was overwhelmed by an “I don’t even like to drive 100 miles sentiment.”  If I ever ran Badwater, I cannot imagine wanting to drive the course beforehand.  The endless road was humbling even from inside a car.  Mentally crushing really.  Our tour ended around 3pm at the race start with pictures around the Badwater sign.  It had heated up to about 115 by then and I was impressed by the hot winds.  It did feel like the “heat on your face when you open the oven door,”  just like they say.   I got thirsty just walking around for 10 minutes.  
All that said, it was lovely running along the road at 4:30 this morning.  Brilliant stars.  Coyotes howling.   Mountain silhouettes at dawn.  I started to think about penciling Badwater onto my race calendar — until I remembered the 90 degree 4:30am temps would be the low.  
I’ll write more tomorrow from the crew van.  

2 thoughts on “Driving Badwater

  1. Eliot Howard says:

    Go Doug!

  2. Mia Phillips says:

    Liza!  I’ve spent the day catching up on your blog and what you’ve been up to.  It looks like you’re coming to Leadville to run this year, yes???  How early will you be there?  I’m leaving on Monday, July 23 to go out for the bike race.  Send me an email…  Would love to see you if you’ll be there early!

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