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No drama today

Today passed without any drama.

Wait!  What am I saying?  I got an e-mail from New Balance letting me know there might be another team photo shoot.  With all the Outdoor Ambassadors.  I’m doing crunches as I type.  So a few questions:  1.  Where does one buy tan in a can?  2.  Gray is a cool hair color, right?  3.  Do I play up the Texas mom thing?

Eliot just read Asa his three bedtime stories and is working on the dishes.  Apparently he missed doing these things while he was gone.  Suspicious, eh?  I’m working on a glass of wine and ignoring responsibilities.  I stayed up all last night writing training plans, so today was mostly just a staying awake marathon.  (Only “marathon” because Asa still takes naps, so I only had to make it until noon thirty.)  Asa did a lot of fabulous Lego constructing while I stared at the rug and tried to stay away from the refrigerator.  (See photo shoot news above.)  Not eating pieces of cake is much harder on no sleep.

OK, I’ve got 25 miles on the schedule tomorrow, so I’m going to turn in now — after 97 more crunches.  I hope your day was peaceful.


4 thoughts on “No drama today

  1. Tlbspitzer says:

    1. “Jergens Natural Glow”,  2. Definitely cool- it’s called “salt ‘n pepper”, not grey. Kelly Osborne pulled it off:–2012121, 3. Your call on the Texas mom bit- I’m sure if you flash a picture of the boy, that will melt their hearts so they no longer care what you look like anyways…
    All joking aside- you are a solid rock who is allowed to eat cake:)

    • Liza Howard says:

      Eating cake right now as I push gray hair out of my eyes catching up on e-mails and blogging. 

  2. mtnrunner2 says:

    >Gray is a cool hair color, right?

    God, I sure hope so.

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