Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Cascarones everywhere!

It’s Fiesta time here in San Antonio, which means some of this:

and lots and lots of these:

and, of course, this:

(among many other things).  I managed to escape “Mini-Fiesta” today at Asa’s school with only carton of of cascarones left in my big mom purse.  We’d started the event with 6 dozen.  OK, gotta get the boy to karate.  Hope your day is full of confetti too.



  • Steph

    that looks AWESOME.

    • Liza Howard


  • Lauren B

    I’m a Fiesta scrooge.

    • Liza Howard

      I hear ya!

  • Tim Smith

    Running on the Riverwalk after work was actually really awesome yesterday with all the Fiesta things going on and I had a constant Latin soundtrack in the background.

    • Liza Howard

      It’s always good to have a Latin soundtrack in the background.