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Asa and his little buddy are still asleep in their sleeping bags on the bedroom floor.  The S’mores were a great success despite tiny marshmallows, a lack of graham crackers, and Toby’s desire to just have chocolate with peanut butter.  The boys were wildly impressed with my fire building skills and I had a grand time talking them through the process.  “You see boys, fire needs oxygen, so we’ll build this tepee structure… OK, so now I’m going to blow on it…Yes, that is a lot of smoke…OK, run into the house and get me some paper boys! …Fire building is an art, see…”  

They had as much fun putting the fire out afterwards as anything else.  They got drenched and muddy in the process and I had to toss them into the tub.  I wish I could post the water gun fight pictures for you, but there’s no modesty in bathtub water gun fights.  I will have to save the pictures until Asa’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

We read bedtime stories and then I told them how they needed to be quiet and go to sleep now — and that if they couldn’t, I’d have to separate them. (!) I left the room fully expecting to play out a drawn out “Boys!  Quiet Down!” scenario that would end in tears on everyone’s part.  But they were both asleep within 60 seconds.  It was great!  

I hear some commotion now though, so I’d better get working on the blueberry pancake breakfast.  Hope you had a wonderful night too.

8 thoughts on “Sleepover!

  1. Tlbspitzer says:

    you’re such an awesome mom. Anytime you want to some to SF to make blueberry pancakes, you’re welcome to…

    • Liza Howard says:

      I am trying to figure that trip out!  I need a Trimble fix.  What are you doing around June 23rd?

      • Tlbspitzer says:

        Taking my boards that week. :( Then heading out the first week of July to make the trip back to VA. Time had flown here.

  2. Anna says:

    I want to spend Spring Break at your house!

  3. Sara Grafton says:

    I love the sleepover stories!  What kid doesn’t like marsh mellows?!  With or without marsh mellows, I am impressed that you tired out two boys :)

    • Liza Howard says:

      It’s a dislike of marshmallow texture I think.  Sara, it was 3000 times easier than I thought it’d be.  Makes me think about having twins… ;)

      • Sara Grafton says:

        Twins would be ok if you could get them to about age 4 and older.  I don’t know how I would do with two 3 year olds right now…  

        The texture thing makes sense.  We got Alex a chocolate dipped cone and he did not like the “peel.”

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