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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

March 2012
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We had three guests stay with us last night.  Two had to sleep in the guest room, but one lucky fellow got to sleep in between cowboy sheets in Asa’s room.  Asa spent the night with us defying physics.  That boy takes up so much space in a king-sized bed that both Eliot and I were hard pressed not to fall out onto the floor all night.  Asa also weighs more than is physically possible once he falls asleep.  You’d need a bulldozer to move him, so we just resigned ourselves to our bed slivers.  On the up side, his cuteness is also impossible when he’s asleep.
So it was a big breakfast party and a huge pot of oatmeal this morning.  Asa showed off his four year-oldness (this involved peeling a carrot and sending carrot peels flying across the kitchen) while I drank four cups of coffee.
Now I’ve got to get the sheets changed for Eliot’s dad’s arrival this afternoon, buy some food for a nice dinner with him and the boys and an out-of-town friend, pack a tent for Nueces for myself, do a little of this

and run and workout for a few hours.  I cannot wait to zip into my sleeping bag tonight.  Seems like a bad sign that I’m fantasizing about that at 9 in the morning…  More from Nueces!

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    hope you had the lovely evening you were planning!