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Nyquil and monsters

I picked up a bug over the weekend and spent most of Saturday and Sunday playing phlegmy sick person.  Happily no one else in the house was sick, — so they could tend to me.  (Eliot made me an apple pie.  It was like the traditional apple sauce and toast sick person fare, but so much better.  Try it the next time you’re bedridden.)  Anyway, I woke up this morning from my Nyquil induced slumber to find Asa in bed next to me.  He turned to me and said, “My stomach hurts.”  “Oh no it doesn’t!  Not until after I pick you up at 2:3o this afternoon from school.”  I advised him to go back to sleep.  I told Eliot about it as we fixed our microwave coffees in the kitchen and he looked at me like I was some kind of monster.  (He raised his eyebrows suggestively anyway.  That’s about the extent of Eliot’s reproach.)  “I have things to do today,” I whined.  “I’ve got to run 10 miles, roll on a PVC pipe, do a core workout, do four loads of laundry…  I’ve got to shower and dry my hair.”  Eliot looked about as unimpressed as he’s ever looked.  I’m sure he was too full of compassionate thoughts for our potentially sick son to think up an appropriate reply.  (For the record, I think Asa said his stomach hurts because he’s having trouble with a four year-old bully at school.)

“You just don’t even understand!” I told Eliot.  And then I sat down with you people to blog it out.   The parent who works full-time cannot fully appreciate the  preciousness of the few preschool hours — even if they have been taking care of their child all weekend while you’ve been holed up in the bedroom coughing.  No revelation there.  I will cut the man some slack.  Besides I have a Nyquil hangover and I can’t muster any more rightgeous indignation.  And I’ve got to convince Asa he doesn’t have a stomachache.

7 thoughts on “Nyquil and monsters

  1. Eliot Howard says:

    Eliot concedes that he does seem pretty OK – singing and negotiating for breakfast pie and movie watching.

  2. Olga says:

    It always boggles my mind how much laundry many folks mention. I rarely have 4 loads during the whole week. Anyhow, hope Asa went to school and gave you precious moments to do those 4 loads alone with a phlegmy run.

    • Lizalanep says:

      Towels, sheets, and little boy socks.  And Asa ran into the kitchen to find out what was for breakfast, so I sent him off to school.  Heading out to run and hack up a lung now.  :)  

  3. Tim Smith says:

    Queue the workout montage again. Time to start training Asa in some kickboxing.

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