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Drink chocolate milk!

I promised a story about bribery and intrigue, but that’s going to have to wait a day until I vent a bit about Borden Milk Products and Elsie the Cow.  I’d like to start by saying that I think chocolate milk is great.  And that I know nothing about the Borden Milk Products beyond the fact that they make milk products — and employ a cow named Elsie.  Great.  So Asa and I went to the rodeo grounds with some good friends today.  There were large swine, large tractors, and sausages on sticks.   A fine day.  And then we went into the building sponsored by Borden and sat down in some folding chairs to listen to a man describe the milking process to a group of school children.  (Dairy cows are milked 305 days a year.  The other 60 days they are pregnant or birthing. Note to self: Avoid being reincarnated as dairy cow.)

“How many of you kids like milk?”

A few hands.

“And how many of you kids like CHOCOLATE milk?”

Cheers and all the hands.

“Well there is absolutely no difference between the two!  They’re the same thing.  Tell your parents and your teachers!”


Calories: 170 per cup



Calories: 120 per cup.

Again, I like chocolate milk.  Tasty stuff.

But telling a group of school children that chocolate milk and plain milk are the same, Borden?  (When you’re supposed to be showing us how to wash teats and attach a milking machine).   And making a point to tell San Antonio children to tell their parents and teachers that they can drink chocolate milk instead of milk because they’re the same?  (Obesity rate among San Antonio school students: 30-35%.)

BOOO!  BOOO!! (Princess Bride, anyone?)

Jamie Oliver where are you?!?

PS.  I don’t really have anything to say about Elsie the Cow.  Hard working ungulate.

OK, I feel better.  Time to do some core work.

PPS.  Yes, I’ve read how chocolate milk makes an excellent recovery drink.

  • Tim Smith

    I see a Promised Land sponsorship in your near future.

    • Liza

      Three words: Mooberry Blueberry Milk.

      • Brickett54

        Mmmmmmm, Promised Land.

        • Tim Smith

          Promised Land: Endorsed by Chris Russell

  • Sarah J

    At the WI state fair the govenor has a booth where they sell cups of flavored milk for 25 cents.   My favorite is the root beer, but the banana and cherry vanilla are a close second.

    • Liza

      Root beer milk?  Wow, if they had that down here I’d be much better hydrated.

  • Sarah

    Ovaltine all the way. Vitamins on top of the sugar FTW.

  • Domingo

    Milk would be better than soda.

  • Jay Danek

    Some of these milk varieties are quite intriguing, maybe I need to venture out to a specialty store to see what I can round up.  Maybe I will have a new nutritional item during Nueces.

  • Greg Luffey

    My favorite cow is the Milka cow who makes milk chocolate.
    Thanks for keeping everything real.

  • Noemi Adame Gamel

    My kids drink an individual carton of Horizon Organic chocolate milk almost very morning before school, out of convenience.  I am not under the delusion that its good for them.  The dairy industry has worked very hard to make parents and children that milk is “healthy” for us.  Shame on Borden and the dairy industry, and if I was stronger-willed, less lazy, and less interested in providing a breakfast that my kids could just grab out of the fridge so I could do a short run and shower before school, I would be a vegan.

    • Liza

      You and me both Noemi!  When I was pregnant and had more time and thoughts in my head, I was really concerned about everything that went into my mouth — in an obnoxious over-the-top kind of way.  My sister, who had two children, would regularly talk me down, “Are you smoking crack?”  No?  Well then things are probably going to be fine.”  That’s my mantra: “Is it crack?”  I also like to remember that I ate peanut butter and fluff sandwiches for 6 years of school lunches.  :)