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Ultrarunning Mom

Outrunning Peter and Paul

I was attacked by a huge “To Do”  list when we got home on Saturday and I spent most of yesterday and today circling #1 on the list: the Family Budget.  It’s 10:13pm and I feel just about ready to work some magic.  My mother always talked about “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” when she did the family budgeting when my sister and I were growing up.  I figure I’ll just rob both and hope I can outrun them. (Ultrarunning is to Crack Habit as Family Budget is to…)

#2 on the list is that darn “Can You Prevent Rhabdomyolysis?” article.  That sucker just won’t seem to write itself.  Blergh.

OK, I’d better get to work because the “To Do” list actually has 973 items.

Here’s the Boy decorated for Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Outrunning Peter and Paul

  1. Domingo says:

    Cute picture. Welcome home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Domingo.  Think you’ll be able to come Thursday?

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