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No longer a sausage

I’m back to normal human proportions today and I even managed a pillow fight with the Boy last night.  Today I’ll spend some time ignoring housework and building a Lego spaceship.  Ahh, normalcy.

I’m still sifting through literature and interviews about rhabdomyolysis, trying to figure out if I could have done anything differently to prevent my post-race adventure.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Two bits of excitement:

1.  I got mentioned on Marathon Talk!!!  I’ve mentioned my love for this podcast, right?  Heart it.  It’s saved my life on a number of late night treadmill runs.  Well, if you click the link and forward the podcast to about 35:30, you will hear me mentioned.  Swoon.  Leeeeeeza Howard.  (Ever since Liza Minnelli’s past her prime, I’ve had to correct people about the long “i’ in Liza.  Leeza Gibbons didn’t do me any favors either.)  The hard J’s for Javelina Jundred are pretty great.  So I got third in their account of women’s performances for the week.  I think they divided my time by 4.  I love it.  A small goal of mine (along with being a stunt double in that Born to Run movie) is to actually be interviewed on that show.

2. And speaking of interviews, I get to do an interview this evening on Ultrarunner Podcast.  I am being interviewed at the same time as Hal Koerner.  I would be wildly nervous about this, but I’m a good four years older than he is, and I make it a policy not to be unnerved by younger men.  ;)  Still, I dread phone interviews, so if you’d like to throw some softball, Larry King-type questions my way, you can go to UltraRunner Podcast’s Facebook page post them there.

Time to be a Mom.


7 thoughts on “No longer a sausage

  1. Paige says:

    Congrats on your mention, and on losing your sausage status!!  I myself am pretty stoked to no longer occupy the encased meat category.  Have fun with the interview, very cool!

    On Sunday morning, we drove back to Jeadquarters to pick up our drop bag, and there’s Hal Koerner, standing there like the statue of a Greek god.  Geof immediately strikes up conversation, and all I can muster are teenage-like giggles and wide-eyed staring (good thing I had on my sunglasses) :) 

    • Anonymous says:

      Your Greek god reminder did not calm me before the interview!  My guy friend wanted me to ask about what he did to get so ripped.  I couldn’t think of just the right way to phrase that, so I let the opportunity slip by.      

  2. Sarah J says:

    A mention on Marathon Talk, that’s HUGE!  You’re an international super star now. I’ll listen to it tomorrow at work.

  3. Tlbspitzer says:

    so proud of you Liza! Looks like we’ll be moving back to Va Beach in July. Miss you!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s awesome about Va Beach!  (even though it’s not San Antonio.)  
      Best part of running these things is getting a note from you saying  you’re proud of me.  :)

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