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Hello folks.  I failed at fending off the onslaught of 4 year-old borne germs and I am sick.  Not wildly sick. Just sit in a bathrobe at the dining room table while sipping on hot tea and not accomplishing much of anything sick.  I have been doing some reading so I will share this awesome link with you from the people at The Science of Sport titled “Thoughts from the Barefoot running round-table discussion at UKSEM: An inside view.”  The debate was moderated by Dr. Ross Tucker and the people at the table included:

  • “Prof Daniel Howell, an anatomy professor from Liberty (USA), known as the “barefoot professor”
  • Simon Barthold, who formerly worked as a podiatrist but who now works in biomechanics and is Asics global research consultant
  • Prof Benno Nigg, one of the world’s leading biomechanists
  • Dr Mathias Marquard, a clinician and running coach (who would go on to become the voice of reason in many of the more hostile aspects of the debate, as I’ll describe!)
  • Prof Daniel Lieberman, evolutionary biologist from Harvard, who as you may know, recently published the Nature studies looking at how habitually shod and barefoot runners differ, and who wrote a key paper on how humans are adapted (skeletally and physiologically) to run long distances”
It’s a great read and definitely something you should take a look at before jumping into any barefoot running v. shoe conversation.
And now I think the tissue box and I are going to make our way to the floor so I can do a core workout.
I hope your day is wildly productive.
  • David T.

    Wish you were running the NF 50 miler in SF. Why did you decide not to?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks David.  :)
      Javelina needed a lot more recovery time than I’d hoped it would.  My body’s just not up to running ultras every month yet.  That, and the running bank account is well beyond empty.  I would love to be there though. Hopefully next year.  Are you running? 

  • Caweber2001

    I hope you feel better soon!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!  (I do.)

  • Karen Felicidario

    Hope you feel better soon, Liza!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Karen!