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Jacuzzis, marriage, and plans

Asa and I are in his grandparents’ bathroom enjoying the jacuzzi tub.  Well, I’m sitting on the floor while he shoots balls out of a plastic pig’s nose in the jacuzzi tub.  And the jacuzzi tub jets aren’t on — because Asa refuses to let me push the “On” button.  You can’t really  talk a 4 year-old into a jacuzzi tub-ing experience once they’ve decided the jet holes are suspect.  I plan on returning to the tub later tonight — after my third piece of apple pie.

Eliot and I are still going to continue on with our marriage even though he came home with the wrong kind of pie crust last night.  I make a fine apple pie at Thanksgiving.  I will not make a homemade crust again until Asa heads off to college however.  Pillsbury makes a nice enough crust.  “Box in the freezer section.  Folded crust dough.  Not a crust in a pie tin.”  These were the instructions Eliot received when he made an emergency run to the grocery store for me last night.  He returned home with two crusts in pie tins.  We’ll have to write a book about how to survive these kind of marital storms at some point.  (Works nicely if one partner is actually a saint.) (Yes, obviously I’m referring to Eliot.)

Tonight I’m going to make a plan for Bandera and Rocky — all the parts besides the running (which will be left up to Howard Nippert.)  Scheduling food and weights and core workouts and nutrition and sleep etc.  Asa will have to share his crayons and stickers.  D-Day is Saturday.

I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “Jacuzzis, marriage, and plans

  1. mtnrunner2 says:

    Race homework? See, we all thought when we were done with school, homework would end. We were so wrong.

    Jacuzzi nozzles are not, in fact, portals to an evil dimension. Seriously, dimensional portals in bathroom fixtures are so 3 1/2.

    Have a great holiday.

  2. lisa says:

    Liza, you are hilarious!  This is why I do the shopping! But on the few occasions I ask my husband to get something, it always ends up being an elaborate pictionary, charades type explanation as to what I want.  And of course I always remind him to ASK, if he can’t find it!  It is quite the terrible scene when he does come back with the not-quite-right item but now I am laughing at myself because I can be so ridiculous! 

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Anonymous says:

      I could have kept my zen-like composure if he hadn’t looked at me like I was being totally unreasonable about his Opposite Day purchase.  ;)

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