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Here and there

Well, the phone interview with Ultra Runner Podcast went fairly well last night.  Hal won, but I think I managed to keep a good humorous/not-a-blathering-idiot tone throughout.  And I managed to mention both Eliot’s homebrew and my friend Chris’ shirt-off-his-back pacing feats.  I failed to work in how Brian and Kelli had to cut my sports bra halfway through Rocky, but I’ve put that down on a notecard as a talking point if anyone ever interviews me again.
My mother in-law is coming this weekend, so I need to stop blogging and start chasing dust bunnies.  I also need to actually make the guest bed and scrub some toilets — and floors.  I suppose she’d like clean towels and mold-free grout too.  Siiiiigh.
On a less whiny note, I’m looking forward to a run-free weekend.  I’m hoping to convince Asa to sleep in.  I figure I can create a little nest of blankets for him in our bed and postpone getting up until at least 8am.  Luxury.  Hope your Fridays are wonderful.
PS. Here’s a great article written by Team Red, White & Blue founder, Mike Erwin, that was published in the Huffington Post recently.  It’s entitled “How You Can Help Veterans.”  Team RWB is doing great things creating routes for folks to connect and form friendships with vets in their communities.  Find a path to someone who could use a running buddy here.
PPS. I’m going to officially start coaching folks who want to train for ultras.  I’ll write up a piece about what I can offer and post it on the website today.  Spread the word so Asa doesn’t have to work in that sweatshop.  (Kidding about the sweatshop.  I think we could probably get him a job working the Slurpee machine at the Quik-E-Mart down the street.)

5 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. Caweber2001 says:

    Have fun cleaning! I know how you love it!

  2. Ultrarunnerpodcast says:

    Thank you so much for coming on the show. It was an excellent interview. We’d love to have back on the program again.  I’ll give you a head’s up the release date. Congrats on JJ. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks so much!  It was great fun for me and I’m glad you thought it went well.  I’m excited/wildly nervous to hear it.  :)  
      And thanks for the podcasts in general.  They’ve gotten me through countless long runs.  

      • URP Scotty says:

        We’re going to post your interview on Wednesday. Just in time for Thanksgiving. So as you and your loved ones are sitting around with righteous belly aches from a delicious meal, you can pop on your interview and enjoy.

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