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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

November 2011
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Here be dragons?


To catch you up:

The Cactus Rose 100 happened out at Bandera.  Eliot, Asa and I camped out and roasted marshmallows for S’mores over the alcohol stove Rob made us.

A closer look at Rob’s handiwork:

If you’re interested in how these little guys work, take a look at Wikepedia’s info below.  If you don’t care for soda can origami, skip down to my prickly pear cactus pacer costume.

Denatured alcohol is poured into the stove and ignited, burning in the center.

The flame heats the fuel and interior of the stove, causing the fuel to vaporize.

When the temperature is high enough, vapor pressure causes fuel jets and a ring of flame.
Materials: Two aluminum beverage can bottoms.

“An inner wall is cut and rolled from the can material. A ring of holes is pierced into the top with a pin. Parts are glued with high-temperature expoxy, or sealed with thermal foil tape, although this is not strictly necessary.” (Not sure what Rob did.)  “Total height is less than two inches (50 mm), though dimensions may be increased to hold more fuel or decreased to take up even less space.”  It doesn’t weigh anything.  There’s much more information here and a video here if you’re interested.  My dad covets ours, so I think I’ve hit upon the Howard 2011 Christmas Gift.  (Rob, you and Karen will have to settle for homemade biscotti.)

And here’s my prickly pear cactus pacing costume.  I took great pleasure  telling people that they were hallucinating and I wasn’t wearing a costume.  It’s the simple pleasures…  A huge thanks to Rosie for the costume.

(But P.S., I think I’ve checked the wearing-a-big-foam-costume-while-running box.  I will be much more streamlined for Javelina next weekend.)

And then there was also this:

And then The Conference:

Check out the super cool attendee/presenter/vendor gift.

Sadly next weekend’s belt buckle won’t be as easy to come by as working the NOLS/WMI booth and talking about “Mental Heath Concerns on Wilderness Expeditions.”

There was also a little of this:

and this:

sprinkled into my blogging absence.

And that’s about it.

I read a nice write-up about Javelina last night while I was avoiding adding some evil Power Point to my Mental Health piece.

Thank you to Jeremy and Jay for the kind words and for making me laugh milk through my nose.

“#2 – Debbie Gibson – 47 – Helena, MT – She is a stud. Plus, she ran the Pemberton 50K here in February with a 4:30:39. Enough to catch Howard? Not unless she is eaten by a dragon or is struck by lightning but she’ll be on the podium for women.”

I will add clear skies and valiant knights to my prayer list.

(Good grief!  I almost forgot the ER visit for my mom’s finger.

Note to all wonderful grandparents:  If you are inspired to make ratatouille for your grandchild after watching the movie together, remember those Mandolin vegetable grater/slicers work on fingers too.)

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  • Gene Taylor
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    Gene Taylor Gene Taylor

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    Ahhh,  all is well with the world again;  a new post from Liza.
    Sounded like a great time at CR.  Glad you are back in cyberspace and wish you a happy taper and Good Luck at Javelin.

    Say hello to my friend Paige Dunmore when you get to Arizona.  She also is toeing the line.  Here is a pic so you can recognize her (and me).

    All positive vibes,


    • Anonymous
      Posted on

      Anonymous Anonymous

      Reply Author

      Wonderful!  I can’t wait to meet Paige in person.  I’m sooo happy to have nothing on my mind but running 100 miles.   

  • Tim Smith
    Posted on

    Tim Smith Tim Smith

    Reply Author

    Welcome back to the internets Lizza!

  • mtnrunner2
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    mtnrunner2 mtnrunner2

    Reply Author

    Fun post except for the sacrificial finger photo 🙁 Great movie and dish though.

    It’s good to see the citizens of Jenga-ville have an awesome new cathedral. Unfortunately, the opening ceremony is usually when Godzilla shows up.

    Jave a great race.

    • Anonymous
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      Anonymous Anonymous

      Reply Author

      Godzilla showed no mercy.   
      Joping to jave a great race.  Thank you!

  • Martin
    Posted on

    Martin Martin

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    Best of luck at Javelina, Liza.

    A comment re Debbie Gibson: I told her about your blog. She had high praise. JJ100 is her first 100. She’s a bit, uh, * tightly wound* right now contemplating 100 miles. She has no competitive goals, just survival. If you get a chance, you might give her a good word or two if you see her at the start.

    I know she’s out for a run this morning. No heat training here, 16*F this morning…

    • Anonymous
      Posted on

      Anonymous Anonymous

      Reply Author

      Thanks so much Martin.  I will find Debbie for a pre-race hug.  Hopefully I’ll run into her the day before too.  
      Good grief, 16 degrees!  I have become such a wimpy cold weather runner.  Time to move, eh?    

  • Herb
    Posted on

    Herb Herb

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    Great to finally meet you at volunteering at Cactus Rose. Good luck at your Javelina race. I will see you again in January back in Bandera!!! Wooohooo!

    • Anonymous
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      Anonymous Anonymous

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      Same Herb!  And thank you.  🙂

  • Domingo
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    Domingo Domingo

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    Good luck at Javelina next weekend. Kick butt! Will be running RNR MARATHON Sunday. Will draw inspiration from your running spirit.