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Marshall Ulrich’s coming to town and carb intake during races

Do you have your tickets yet?

You are a nut if you are in the area and aren’t planning to go.  (Unless, of course, you’ve used up all your time-away-from-family-due-to-running already and your spouse doesn’t think listening to an ultrarunning legend together qualifies as a date. )  Here’s where you get tickets:  The $20 includes dinner.  Very exciting.  I’m going to see if he’ll sign Asa.  ;)

And the run at Government Canyon is at 7am, not 7:45 on Saturday.  Why would you run anywhere else November 12th?

In other news, I read this post on Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science blog this morning about a study that showed higher carb intake during Ironman events led to better performance.  Prevailing wisdom is that we can’t absorb more than 60g of carb per hour.  (240 calories = about 2.5 gels)  “Over the last few years, thanks to multiple-carb blends [There’s a great synopsis of that information by Alex here with lots of good comments afterwards.], that threshold has been pushed up to 90 grams of carb per hour. In this data set, about 50% of the triathletes were taking 90 g/hr or more.”

Interesting, eh?  The study notes that the higher intake did cause increased nausea and I wonder if that limits its applicability to ultrarunning.  I mean, I imagine I could absorb a lot more if I my stomach and intestines were riding smoothly on a bike rather than bouncing up and down a trail.    And I imagine it’s easier to deal with nausea on a bike than while you’re bouncing.  Thoughts?  I’m going to pose the question to Alex and see if he has any thoughts about it.  Regardless, I’ll be packing the immodium for Javelina.

4 thoughts on “Marshall Ulrich’s coming to town and carb intake during races

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s Eliot’s e-mail letting me know I’d written “shower higher carb intake” instead of “showed higher carb intake.”   
      Shower carb intake – that’s specifically referring to the beer-in-the-shower concept, right? Let me go on record agreeing that said practice is a bona fide wonder-therapy. Is Hutchinson suggesting that showers be installed at aid stations for this purpose? As for multi-carb blends, clearly he’s right that a lot of developments have come along that are both less filling and taste great. 

    Incidentally, it’s actually kind of thrilling that I can understand and participate like this in your high-speed discussions about race fueling! 


  2. Marcy Beard says:

    I’ve actually had more problems with nausea while biking because the bent-over position squeezes my stomach.  Sitting up and coasting is nice though  :)

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