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Seven good years

Today’s my anniversary.  Year seven is done and Eliot and I are embarking on Year 8.  He assures me he didn’t feel the least bit itchy last year.  Good thing.  We usually get each other something having to do with the traditional anniversary gifts.  Year 1 was paper: homemade stationary for me and many little folded paper cranes for Eliot.  Year 2 was cotton: one fluffy cotton bathrobe for me, one 6’1-sized cotton towel for Eliot.  And on and on.  This year is copper or wool.  Copper is not all that exciting and it’s 108 degrees out today, so there will be no wool presents.  Eliot’s taking a trip to the homebrew store in Austin and I’m getting a little ring with Asa’s birthstone instead.  We’ll try to get back on track next year with bronze.

I didn’t leave myself much time to blog today what with a 2:45 minute run/slog in the heat and all the reading about UTMB and its 47% finish rate this year.  It’ll be interesting to see how things play out next year.  What an amazing looking race.  Time to play a real lottery, eh?

OK, I’ve gotta go pick up the little guy from school.  School pictures are crazy soon and he needs a good haircut.

Be kind to each other.

Running: 2:45

Nutrition: Indulgent anniversary dinner — maybe involving a lamb to get that wool anniversary check off

  • Niki

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Niki!

  • Kat

    Very Happy Anniversary, y’all!!

  • trimble

    happy anniversary! Hope you have a fantastic dinner!

    • Anonymous

      It was great. No wooly sheep, but great none-the-less. Thanks!

  • Paige

    Yay, for 7 great years! And may you celebrate many, many, many more years of greatness!

    • Anonymous


  • Gene Taylor

    Happy Anniversary from us as well.
    Redundantly yours,
    Gene and Laura

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Gene and Laura!

  • Karen Felicidario

    Happy Anniversary, Liza and Eliot! Liza, thank you so much for being out there Saturday/Sunday. It was hard to make to decision to drop, but you helped me to see that it was best, as a mom.
    Enjoy your anniversary dinner, and here’s to many, many more happy, blissful years!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry you had to make that decision this time Karen. And I hope our paths cross at a race again very soon. Thanks so much for your anniversary wishes!

  • Shadow78256

    Happy Anniversary!


    • Anonymous


  • Tonym1211

    I can’t wait to attend your SILVER anniversary!

    • Anonymous

      Me neither friend.  :)  I love how the modern gift for the 10th anniversary is diamonds.  So cynical. Liza Howard