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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

August 2011
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Heat, cookies and firefighters


Our fine group is running at Eisenhower tonight if you’d like to join us.  Freetails afterwards. We decided to call ourselves the HOT Rockhoppers a while back (Heart Of Texas – HOT), but the name has taken on a more literal meaning as the summer wears on.  It’s hard to believe it’s ever going to be pleasant outside again.  I’m feeling a bit whiney this morning because my phone says it’s going to be 105 today and I’m tired of forcing Asa outside with me in the mornings.  “But I want to stay where its cool, mom.  Please.”  Yesterday afternoon I broke down and took the boy to a Target for a bit of wild air conditioning.  I let him ogle Legos while I pretended it was November and checked my e-mail.  We’re just one hot day away from a double feature at the movie theater.  Whine.

Asa and I decided we needed to bring some chocolate chip cookies to the local fire department last weekend.  (I like to challenge our old air conditioning unit with a little extra heat from the oven whenever possible.)  This decision led to a three-day multi-store journey that finally yielded some cookies last night.  First we didn’t have chocolate chips, then we didn’t have two sticks of butter, and then we didn’t have brown sugar.  You’d think I’d have stopped after the butter to make sure I had the rest of the ingredients, but you’d be wrong.  Somehow I was convinced the pantry contained the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.  It didn’t.

I missed the actually delivery of the cookies last night.  Asa was too excited to wait for me to get back from my run.  Fair enough.  He wore his firefighting helmet and walked the half mile to the station with Eliot.  The Station 34 firefighters were top-notch ambassadors again.  Asa was speechless with happiness as a big blond firefighter gave him a tour of the engine and ladder truck.  He let him hop into the ambulance and turn on the lights too.     Asa called me back into his room after we’d tucked him in and turned out the light to make sure I knew he wanted to be a firefighter-rescue-diver when he grew up.  I told him that career path involved getting sleep and eating vegetables — and running with me around the neighborhood.

Running:  90 hot minutes

Pushups: 6,8,6,6,7

Nutrition:  does not include nutrition taken in during run or for recovery


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  • Paige
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    Paige Paige

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    I tried push-ups this morning…I made it through 6 “real” ones before I had to move to the modified “chick” version. Push-ups have a way of making one feel very weak. But, I’ll try again tomorrow 🙂

    The firefighter cookies story is adorable!

    • Anonymous
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      Anonymous Anonymous

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      The fellow who volunteers to take care of our neighborhood pool just told me My arms look all “skin and bones.” Apparently the pushups are not paying off yet. Sigh. I do like that site though.