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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

August 2011
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9/11 Memorial ‘moving tribute’ with Team Red, White & Blue


“No matter where you’re going to be on Sunday, September 11th, please join Team Red, White & Blue and make a ‘moving tribute’ to honor those lost on 9/11, the servicemen & women who have been killed or wounded since 9/11—and all their families. By committing to walk, run, bike, or hike on September 11th, we are carving out time on this 10th anniversary to reflect upon the tremendous sacrifice so many Americans have made.

Team RWB has people from all over the world, including soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, who are joining us in our mission to honor and remember. We encourage you to spread the word and make this tribute in groups, and where possible to meet at 8:30 am to hold a moment of silence at 8:46 am—when the North Tower was first attacked.

If you’re interested in leading a shadow run in your part of the country or would like to participate in 1 of the 3 ultramarathons, (NY, DC, PA) please email”

Liza here. I’m going to participate in the run in NY.  I’ll run with a few members of Team Red, White & Blue from West Point down to Liberty Park outside NYC.  It’s about 54 miles.  We’ll start at 9:11pm on the 10th and arrive at Liberty Park off Ellis Island in the morning.  There will be a moment of silence at 8:46 am and then run until the sun sets.  I’ve written about Team Red, White & Blue before and how they bring athletes together to support veterans and their families.  It’s an extraordinary group.

“Ultimately, we aim to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position in the Active Duty force or National Guard.  

Together with wounded veterans and their families and friends, we will develop meaningful, one-on-one relationships that transcend traditional short-term fundraising efforts.”

I hope you all are able to participate in some way on the 11th.  And if you’re in NYC and you’re reading this blog, please come down to Liberty Park and run along with me for a while.

Running: 60 minutes hilly

Core: 15 minutes

Pushups: 5,7,5,5,8














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  • Shannon
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    Shannon Shannon

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    I like the sound of that. My friends and I will be running in Park City on the Mid- Mountain trail. (ok I might walk some parts!)

    • Anonymous
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      Would like to run with you there someday.