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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

June 2011
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You can do it on a noodle! and autographs


I’m sitting in my PJs in a swanky hotel room in South Lake Tahoe eating lentil soup out of a pot and watching last night’s Daily Show. There is a glass of red wine too. Chris and Brian are out on a 35 mile run. I would be wildly jealous but for the swanky hotel room (Thanks Brian’s parents!!!) and the wine. I spent two hours and nine minutes in the South Lake Tahoe Rec pool aqua jogging this morning. There’s a pool here at Hotel Swanky, of course, but it’s mostly 3 1/2 feet deep.  Happily the pool at the Rec is awesome. It’s an old, no-nonsense pool.  No saltillo tiles or free q-tips. Cement floors and open showers. The very best part of today’s workout was that it coincided with the aqua aerobics class. Lovely older ladies in modest LL Bean swim suits and one very pregnant woman in an itsy bitsy (teeny weeny) bikini. The instructor yelled all sorts of brilliant things at these women. “If you’re talking, you’re not working hard enough. Now get the noodle between your legs!”  There was a portable radio on a plastic chair tuned to a classic rock station. Picture aqua jogging intervals set to “Fat Bottomed Girls.” I wanted to ask the lifeguard to take a picture of me in my aqua jogging belt next to the hand painted “Pool Rules” sign, but I felt awkward.
So I got to participate in an event at Fleet Feet Sports in Sacramento last night. (This is not the Fleet Feet Sports in Orangevale, CA. Your GPS might direct you here, but don’t you believe it.) I walked into the store a bit late (see above), and the first person I saw was Tim Twietmeyer. I thought I kept my composure pretty well. I did not introduce myself with, “Hi! I’ve seen you in a movie!!” I did ask for a signed poster — and asked him to write “Good luck at Leadville on it.”  But then, he asked me to share the Leadville “tampon story” and the Rocky Raccoon sports bra debacle with the audience. (Please see the race reports if you’re not familiar with these inspiring adventures.) That’s right, sitting next to Geoff Roes and Killian Jornet, perhaps the best ultra runners ever, I got to talk about my bra and menstruation. I did people laugh the most, so there’s that. Afterwards there was an autograph signing session. Surreal. The guys had big posters of themselves that they signed for folks.  I didn’t have a professional picture to send to New Balance when they asked, so I signed a yellow postcard with some anonymous runners on it.  It was really best that way because I was pretty overwhelmed by the experience and couldn’t think of much to write besides my name and “So nice to meet you!”  About three-quarters through the signing it hit me that I should ask people what they’d like me to write. Right?
There are more tidbits I’d like to add, but the soft, swanky bed with the seven pillows is calling my name.
(Seriously, it was so amazing to meet these rock stars.  Feels like a dream.)

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  • Tim Smith
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    Tim Smith Tim Smith

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    So how did Geoff and Killian look? Either of them sporting a mean game face?

    • lizahoward
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      lizahoward lizahoward

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      No mean game faces. Just friendliness really.

  • Jane Marcello
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    Jane Marcello Jane Marcello

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    We knew you when!!!

  • Anthony Holly
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    Anthony Holly Anthony Holly

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    You did a great job at the Fleet Feet J Street panel discussion. Thanks for sharing your stories!