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What I talk about when I talk about aqua jogging

I am beat.  Somehow it’s 10:30pm and the boy has just settled down for the night.  I have my fingers crossed for a late morning wake-up.  7am Lord?  I’m still feeling a bit seasick from the aqua jogging tonight.  I couldn’t get to the neighborhood pool until 5:20pm — prime cannonballing time for kids and their dads.  The pool is maybe 20 feet across and I jogged back and forth (and back and forth) next to the wall to avoid getting hit.  The rebounding waves had me bobbing around like a cork.  I’m sure that’s good training somehow, right?  I did try to appreciate how much fun everyone was having — while I concentrated on not vomiting.  I was not particularly successful.  (Yeah, so the whole adversity-revealing-your-character thing from yesterday … Grouchy old lady revealed.)  I think I’ll write a book if I can get through another Leadville on pool training alone.  What I Talk About When I Talk About Aqua Jogging.  Or How to Train in a Low Altitude Neighborhood Pool for Your Next Mountain Ultra.  

(And have you read What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami?  I’m getting it for the next Asa-free flight. Two books in the same month?  Reading rockstar!)

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  • mtnrunner2

    I can’t believe you were interfering with the US Olympic cannon-balling team practice (sponsored by Krispy Kreme).

    Good thing you have a good sense of humor.

    LOL on the book titles.

    • lizahoward

      How great would it be to be sponsored by Krispy Kreme? My dream is a Peeps sponsorship. Someday if I keep aqua jogging really hard…

  • Derrick Spafford

    Water running in public pools is a challenge…especially when going back and forth in a small area. If you wear a belt, you might consider attaching a bungee/shock cord from the back of your belt to a fixed object (like a ladder or lane rope attachment). That way you are basically treadmill running in the pool and can claim your space.

    Good luck!

    • lizahoward

      That’s a really great idea. It will also add to my reputation as the crazy pool lady, which I’m having fun cultivating this summer.

      • Derrick Spafford

        You may find it a bit more tiring at first, so ease into it.

        Yes, the crazy pool lady part is an added bonus!

  • Moogy

    Hey Liza, we can collaborate on a book together. I’ll throw in a couple of chapters on how to train for a mountain 100 below sea-level…errr…or how to not attempt Hardrock after two months training below sea-level. 8)

    • lizahoward

      You know it’d sell like hotcakes if we could pull off some good runs. (Well, hotcakes in lowlying ultra community anyway.” Best of luck at Hardrock. I’ll be watching and cheering.

  • Moogy

    On the waitlist this year for HR. My 2009 attempt was a medical nightmare. I’ll start editing my chapters for the 2012 edition. Hope to seya out there somewhere…

    • lizahoward

      Okay fingers crossed for waitlist. (That the people in front of you decide they’d just rather do something else that weekend — not that they get run over or anything.)