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Ultrarunning Mom

Mom in the Wild: Day 20

  • Gene Taylor

    most succinct post yet; more details please. Enjoy the wilderness.

    • Yukun

      where is the “Like” button?

    • lizahoward

      Oops. Didn’t mean to leave that one blank. It was hard doing all that pre-posting in the truck driving out to the Gila. I’m looking forward to catching up today at the airport.

  • Lisa

    You’ve been out a long time! I know you must be staying so busy but do you miss your scheduled running?
    Look forward to hearing about your adventures..

    • lizahoward

      I didn’t miss it one bit. :) I actually did a bit of running early on in the course because the area where we were was so dry and I had to run from one campsite to the next to see what the water situation was — if we were going to have to carry water with us in droms (big water sacks). But otherwise I just hiked. My body needed the break — and so did my head. I’m excited to jump back into things when I get back to San Antonio tomorrow. Good stories to come.

    • lizahoward

      I didn’t miss running one bit. :). I actually had to run from one camps to the next to check on the water availability because our route was so dry. But, other than that, I just hiked and that was just right. My body needed a rest. My head did too, and it was great to be have to make conversation that wasn’t somehow related to running. Very hard, but good. :). Many stories to come.