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Rocky planning and asking for trouble

We’re in the car headed to Houston right now. Eliot’s mom had knee replacement surgery and we’re going to try and help out a bit these next few days while she’s recovering. I say “try” because Eliot’s actually going to be attending a conference about an hour north of town most of the time we’re there. This will leave me and the often petulant three year-old energy ball in a small house in the middle of the city. So, yeah, we’ll “try” to be helpful — or, at least, not add to the pain or the length of K’s recovery.
Anyway! I’ve passed some of the drive looking over Jenn Shelton’s splits from Rocky when she ran a 14:57 (OMG!) and OMG! about her 20 mile splits too. I’ve set some goals for myself for each lap (seems unlikely I’ll drop 48 minutes from my time last year), but the whole thing is giving me flashbacks to Asa’s birth. Really nice plan ending in an emergency c-section under general anesthesia. So I’ve set some goal paces and now I’m going to put those scribblings away and turn my attention to the family budget — and hope Rocky doesn’t end in anything reminiscent of an emergency c-section. You’re asking for trouble when you come up with the perfect plan a 100 mile race. It’s 100 miles. Anything could happen. AND at the end of the day, it’s all good because you’ve run 100 miles.

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6 thoughts on “Rocky planning and asking for trouble

  1. Josh says:

    Of course (on the humorous note) if the race ends in an “emergency c-section” your last lap is going to be off the charts fast. Good vibes headed your way!

  2. footfeathers says:

    Was Jenn’s time on the older, faster course? Regardless, you nailed it; the sense of accomplishment after finishing is the reward. Glad I’m not racing you there!

    • Larry says:

      It was on the old course. The old course is considered faster than the current course, from what AJW told me back when I paced him the first year on the new course.

  3. Pam says:

    Good luck, Liza. I can’t wait to see what you can do!

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