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Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

December 2010
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On Airrosti and PVC pipes


I use a 2 foot piece of 6 inch PVC pipe as a leg roller.  It’s awesome and it cost $4 at the Home Depot in San Antonio.  I did not bring it to Hawaii because it seemed like a piece of PVC pipe was probably on some airport security banned object list.  (“No, really, I roll on it; I can show you.”)  I figured my sister would have something here I could use.  Strangely, she doesn’t.  My upper hamstring and glute have really started aching again, and yesterday I almost tried to use a can of Raid as a roller.  So today we made a trip to Home Depot.  And the $4 piece of PVC pipe cost $11 here.  Dude.  And I forgot my anti-plantar fasciitis secret weapon lacrosse ball, and my sister’s doubtful I’ll be able to find one here — and certainly not for $2.  It’s like we’re on an island in the middle of the ocean or something.

I’ve been thinking about writing a “things I learned about plantar fasciitis this year” post for a while, but I’m not great about getting around to summarizing.  I also thought you might find it a bit more credible if I wrote it after I did really well at a race.  But the talented fellow who gave me two Airrosti treatments in November just called to check on me and I was embarrassed I hadn’t gotten around to writing about how much he helped me.  (I’ve been busy getting my toes done at the spa and all.)

So, In Summary:  Plantar fasciitis sucks.  It was the bane of my existence starting last March.  I tried everything.  Boots.  Stretches.  Chiropractors.  Rollers.  Body work.  Active Release Technique.  Contrast baths.  Icing.  Podiatrists.  Oral steroids.  Anti-inflammatories.  More oral steroids.  I spent a lot of money.  I listened to a lot of advice.  I read a lot.  I whined.  I blogged and whined.  I stopped running.  I aqua jogged.  And I aqua jogged.  The PF didn’t go away.  I didn’t go to Western States.  It got better.  I ran more.  I won Leadville.  It got a lot worse again.  A friend suggested Airrosti (Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries), but I was tired of spending money.  Another friend recommended Dr. Stephen Offenburger, DC, an Airrosti practitioner, specifically.  Two recommendations and a name.  I made an appointment. Dr. Offenburger saw me twice.  And so far, a month later, the foot feels wonderful.  I use the $2 lacrosse ball daily.  Not a whisper from the PF.

I am sure the PF would have eventually gone away.  It seems like it has a year-long course in most people.  I know the different therapies I mentioned have worked for other people.  They didn’t for me.  Two hour-long (oh-my-gosh-kind-of-painful) manual manipulations of the plantar fascia did the trick.  I am not sponsored by Airrosti (though, I would be an excellent blogperson, don’t you think?)  and insurance would have covered the treatment if Dr. Offenburger hadn’t generously agreed to see skeptical me without an initial charge.  In short, I am very grateful for Dr. Offenburger’s help.  I don’t think I would have been able to train for TNF without the treatment.  And I recommended Airrosti to my mother.  AND I hope you never have a reason to try it out yourself.

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  • Julie
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    Julie Julie

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    Hi Liza,
    Thanks for the post..I’m battling plantar fascitis right now and haven’t ran for 4 weeks because of it. Going for my first run today after work to assess and see how my foot feels, cross your fingers for me! I’m glad to know about Airrosti . I’ve never heard of it but if the run today doesn’t go well then I’ll definitely be looking for someone here is OK that does it! Glad your foot is healing and feeling good. I think you are going to do great at Bandera. : )

    • lizahoward
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      lizahoward lizahoward

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      Julie, I have my fingers crossed and your foot is in my thoughts. Let me know. And thanks for the Bandera thoughts. Looks like it might be a bit of a mud fest if the forecast holds.

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    Very unique use for PVC Pipe..