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The sweat becomes you.

Yesterday I was running around like a nut and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for making a meeting with exactly 30 seconds to spare and a hot cup of Starbucks in my hand.  My good friend met me in the parking lot with the news that the meeting was canceled.  60 to 0 in 5 seconds.  Then she told me that I was looking nice.  (Cue chuckling.)  I’d spent exactly eight minutes showering and getting dressed.  I dropped Asa off at 8:30.  Ran from 9:00 to 12:15.  Home at 12:28 and out the door again at 12:36.  8 minutes.  I was sweating again as soon as I got in the car.  You know that exercised-hard-and-still-sweating-after-the-quick-shower kind of sweating.  When I snorted at my friend’s kind comment (thinking of my wet hair pulled into a sloppy ponytail and the tinted sunscreen I’d smeared on while actually running out of the bathroom), my friend said, “No, you really are glowing.”  I told  her it was sweat.  Not to be dissuaded, my friend replied, “Well, it becomes you.”

“I know!”   Hahahahahhahaha!!!

I’m sure none of you are laughing as much as I was at that exchange.  But the idea that I look better covered in sheen of sweat cracked me up.  It’s so true.  I’m one of those girls whose beauty comes into its own after a good week without a shower in the mountains.  Weren’t familiar with that subcategory?  I’m a knockout after three weeks.  Ask my husband.  ;)

The book club was great fun last night.  The ladies said they enjoyed “Born to Run” and I kept the crazy talk to a minimum.  The surprise of the evening was the news that two of the ladies and one husband were Vitamin D deficient.  Lots of sunscreen and not much time in the sun.  I’d heard about the sunscreen v. Vitamin D deficiency debate, but it was a surprise to hear how common it is.  These folks were diagnosed after feeling utterly depleted of energy for a while.  Wish I could blame the Vitamin D.

Time for the core workout video and another cup of coffee.  Hope you’re all looking lovely and handsome today.

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4 thoughts on “The sweat becomes you.

  1. Amy says:

    Long-time listener, first-time caller. Love your blog, and even though I’m not a mom, Asa makes me laugh out loud (often at work). I woke up a little late this morning but still wanted to cram my 10-miler in before work … so I was wearing sweat this morning, too. Both the dog and I are happier for it, though, so “no sweat” by making it into the office with 30 seconds to spare :)

  2. Martin says:

    The sunscreen/vitamin D deficiency reminds me of something I’ve heard about Gordie Ainsleigh (WS 100 founding father). He completed a study that indicated that people who are in the sun a lot are more likely to get skin cancer, but *less* likely to die of *any* cancer.

    How do you manage to discuss “Born to Run” without “crazy talk”? Doesn’t it kinda go with the territory? I enjoyed the book, although I wouldn’t call it great literature. I ran Leadville in ’94 (28:48:xx) so it was the nostalgia factor that made it worthwhile for me. I tried to re-watch the (VHS) video of the ABC Wide World of Sports coverage, only to find it no longer worked (sitting in a box for 10+ years is not good for VHS tapes). I upgraded to the DVD. Watching the video was about 90% of the research McDougall did for his account of the race.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

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