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Ultrarunning Mom

Tactless pedicure ladies

K. and I went for a pedicure together today because she deserved one and because I thought I should put forth a little effort. It was the standard pedicure scene: a seemingly gracious lady talking about you in a foreign language to another seemingly gracious lady. To be fair, I only understand English and some […]

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31 Aug
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Cinderella in Mountain Time

Well, it’s 4am and I’m up for no good reason. Asa and Eliot and the cat are still snoring away. About 5 minutes ago I had myself convinced that my body was still on Mountain Time, but that would actually make it 3am. Oh well, more time to drink coffee and look at the housework […]

29 Aug
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Asa and I made it home to San Antonio with our 200 pounds of luggage yesterday. The boy was a prince. We had a 3 1/2 hour layover in Denver and other than spending $15 on apple juice and visiting the family restroom 27 times, it was a pretty pleasant wait. I bought a pack […]

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28 Aug
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Headed home

Asa and I are headed back to San Antonio tomorrow morning. We leave DC at 6am and head directly to Denver. Honestly!! All in all, we’ll be heading home for 9 hours tomorrow. My carry on bags are loaded down with snacks, activities, and changes of clothes. If someone offered me the opportunity to run […]

27 Aug
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I don’t sleep well after running 100 miles. I’m not sure exactly why. Anyone else out there have trouble sleeping after long runs? So, whatever the reason, I’m up at 4am watching a History Channel show about a swamp stalker pig. “I used to ride my 4-wheeler through the mountains without any perturbation, but now […]

25 Aug
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