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Ultrarunning Mom

Leadville planning

I’m just sitting here trying to figure out logistics for Leadville. How much water to carry, who will meet where and when etc. etc. The BBC is on in the background and the cat is lounging in our ugly pink velour chair.

29 Jul
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Runners’ toenails

I took Asa to the children’s museum in New Braunfels yesterday. Lots of nicely pedicured moms in sandals. I was in closed-toed shoes of course. My toenails have reached a frightening-to-small-children state. I know female runners out there with lovely toes. Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s the long sandal season and pedicure culture here […]

28 Jul
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R-rated treadmill training

I’m staring at a potful of ice that I don’t want to stick my foot in. I really don’t like being cold. Whine. I ran on the treadmill tonight at the UTSA gym. It was pouring outside, so I was thankful to have that option, BUT, I’ve got to say, the state of TV at […]

27 Jul
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Inks Lake 60k: For the want of a sitter, the race was saved

I started thinking about not finishing the 60k last night about two loops into the six loop race. My stomach and intestines turned on me during the first half hour of the run. I spent a lot of energy searching for thick juniper and cactus to duck behind. (Soil enrichment: Check.) My foot ached, my […]

26 Jul
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Running was the easy part

Weekend Schedule Saturday: 8:00am-2:00pm: Teach (Pretend to have an asthma attack and broken clavicle 7 times for students’ final practical scenario.) 2:00pm-3:30pm: Drive to Inks Lake for 60k (More on that once Asa goes to bed.) 3:30pm- 7:00pm Help out, visit with friends, and introduce my co-instructor, S., to the ultra-running scene. It’s her first […]

25 Jul
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