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Western States Watching

Wow! “Watching” Western States unfold yesterday on my computer was so much fun. It seemed like every time I turned around to find a Lego for my son, the lead runners switched places. What incredible running — that I stayed up far too late watching. Really, I’m fortunate I’m not a big fan of organized sports if last night was any indication of how that would be for my family. “OK guys! Time to paint our faces and dress up like roadrunners!”.
I had a hard 2 1/2 hour run in Government Canyon yesterday. My foot was darn sore. (Heal already!) Today’s run was much better, but my foot’s still bothersome. The soreness is tolerable; I just worry about it getting worse again.
My friends and I were passed by two speedy runners while we were out there. San Antonio’s trail running community is small enough that new faces are an event. I tracked the runners down after I finished and introduced myself. I’m pretty timid outside of teaching and running and don’t strike up conversations in parking lots. But, I felt compelled. “Look, there are two people who look like they run a lot. I run a lot. We should know one another.”
It ended well.
Diet soda: 0
Fried friends:0
Sleep: 5
Core workout: Have to make up yesterday!

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