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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

June 2010
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Caffeine low


I didn’t post yesterday due to a perfect storm of events. First, it was my third day off diet soda. I am mentally and physically addicted to caffeine, so three days with only soy lattes (total girl drink, eh?) in my system was rough. No DTs or anything, but the headache was amazing. I used to be more concerned about this addiction, but with Asa around, I’m just happy I’m not addicted to a more costly energy boosting drug. Honestly, the world is a noticeably better place once I have my morning fix; And that’s a good thing for everyone in the Howard family.
The second thing that crippled me yesterday was a no-holds-barred tantrum Asa threw in the Super Target parking lot. I tried to pry the little guy from the shopping cart while he screeched and writhed like a wild cat for ten minutes. I couldn’t get him out. I was too short to get enough leverage to pry his legs free. It was just awful. In the end I had to wait him out. He started to wilt in the midday heat and I finally was able to coax him into the air conditioned car. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to physically make the boy do things for long, but I didn’t think I’d loose that card before he turned three.
And, last, my foot was aching all day, despite all my diligent stretching and icing and contrast baths and new shoes. And I was just too bummed about it and missing Western States to write anything worthwhile.
Everything is much better today. No caffeine headache, no tantrum, and the foot feels fine. I’ll run 2 hours tonight once the temperature drops below 90.
(And I know there are folks out there who hate that overused and misused “perfect storm” analogy, but by the time I turned in last night, I felt like I’d been battered by those huge waves that sank George Clooney’s boat in that awful movie, so I used it anyway.)
Sleep: 7
Fried friends: 0
Diet soda:0
Time until next latte: 15 hours

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