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Ultrarunning Mom


Writing this blog has made me feel accountable for my Leadville goals. I’m surprised. I’m not sure why confiding in mostly strangers has made it easier to stick to these goals, but it certainly has. Honestly, I finished today’s core workout before I sat down to type just so I could enter that “accomplishment” at […]

29 Jun
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First Leadville runner encounter

I first became cognizant of the Leadville 100 trail race when I worked for the Colorado Outward Bound School some years ago. I was leading a group of fourteen year-olds up Mount Massive. Summiting Massive was the culmination of our two-week course and I think the plan was to reach the summit after a two […]

28 Jun
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Western States Watching

Wow! “Watching” Western States unfold yesterday on my computer was so much fun. It seemed like every time I turned around to find a Lego for my son, the lead runners switched places. What incredible running — that I stayed up far too late watching. Really, I’m fortunate I’m not a big fan of organized […]

27 Jun
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Caffeine low

I didn’t post yesterday due to a perfect storm of events. First, it was my third day off diet soda. I am mentally and physically addicted to caffeine, so three days with only soy lattes (total girl drink, eh?) in my system was rough. No DTs or anything, but the headache was amazing. I used […]

25 Jun
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Eisenhower Park

I’m sure I’ve run the outside loop at Eisenhower Park a couple hundred times. It’s only about 4 miles. I can’t decide whether still enjoying that loop means I’m incredibly dull or I’m closing in on Enlightenment. Running circles on the rocky trails through live oaks, junipers, and yucca is akin to staring into the […]

23 Jun
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